Ron Pohar, BScPharm, APA

Ron graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Alberta in 1995 and has practiced as a clinical pharmacist in Edmonton’s inner city for over 20 years, specializing in mental health, geriatrics and tobacco addiction (where he focuses on clients with mental illnesses).
He has been involved with many smoking cessation initiatives including the Tobacco Reduction and Cessation (TRaC) Project and with efforts to remove the sale of tobacco from pharmacies in Alberta. Ron has developed a number of smoking cessation training programs for healthcare professionals, including an accredited certificate level self-study program for pharmacists (Smoking Cessation: Counsel to Quit) and the CATALYST (Call to Action on Tobacco Addiction: A Model for the Busy Pharmacist) Program, a live program that has trained over 5000 pharmacists across Canada in smoking cessation. In his clinical practice, Ron works with inner city residents and those with mental illnesses to assist them in tobacco reduction and cessation.

TOPIC: Tobacco: Improving Overall Treatment Outcomes Through Tobacco Cessation Modalities for Those With Concurrent Mental illness and/or Addiction Issues

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