Dr. Nady el-Guebaly MD, FRCPC, CM

Topic: Order of Canada induction recognition and historical overview of the addiction field.

Bio: Dr. Nady el-Guebaly MD, FRCPC, DPH, DPsych, DFASAM, DFAAAP, EFACP, DFCPA, CSAM (Certificant), ISAM (Certification), ABAM (Diplomate)
The Governor General of Canada  announced the names of Canadians to be recognized for their outstanding contributions to Canada and its peoples, by their induction into or promotion within the Order of Canada. Among those so honoured to be on the 150th Anniversary list is the Alberta Gambling Research Institute’s Research Director, Dr. Nady el-Guebaly. Dr. el-Guebaly was appointed as Member of the Order of Canada for his leadership on addictions research and treatment, particularly for his efforts to have addictions treated as a mental health issue. This is a very significant honour and speaks to his major contributions over many years. Congratulations Dr. el-Guebaly!
Dr. el-Guebaly’s introduction to mental health and addiction medicine dates back to 1969 during initial psychiatric training in the United Kingdom, followed by training in Canada and the United States
Addiction related work includes being the current Professor and Head of Division of Addiction, Department of Psychiatry at the University of Calgary, and the founding past Medical Director of the Calgary Health Region Addiction Centre and Program. Dr. el-Guebaly was the Founding Past President of the International Society of Addiction Medicine, its Executive Medical Director for another 6 years, and currently Chief Examiner of the International Certification Examination and Senior Editor of the recent Textbook of Addiction Treatment: International Perspectives (Springer 2015).
Dr. el-Guebaly completed three 3-year terms as Board Chair of the Alberta Gaming Research Institute and is now the Alberta Gambling Research Institute’s current Research Director as well as Editor in Chief of the Canadian Journal of Addiction for the last 4 years. These interests have resulted in 260 peer-reviewed papers, 80 chapters, 568 presentations, and 60 past and current grants totaling $7 million.
He is a member, of Alberta’s Responsible Gambling Advisory Committee, the Royal College Addiction Medicine Specialty Committee, the Provincial Addiction Curricula and Experiential Skills Training for Alberta Health Services, and the CSAM Conference committee.
Dr. el-Guebaly has been a CSAM member since 1995 and was a past President from 1995 – 1997. He is currently the Canadian Journal of Addiction Editor in Chief and a CSAM Board Member at Large.
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