Dr. Tanguay  is an authority in opioid prescribing, the effects of opioids on functioning, opioid tapering in chronic non-cancer pain (CNCP), opioid addiction, and medical marijuana.

Dr. Tanguay is a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Calgary for the Department of Psychiatry.  He attended medical school at the University of Calgary where he continued on to complete his residency in Psychiatry. He has completed fellowships in Addiction Medicine with the department of psychiatry, certified with the International Society for Addiction’s Medicine (ISAM), and Pain Medicine with the department of anesthesia, making him one of the few Pain and Addiction Specialists and Psychiatrists. Dr. Tanguay is currently the Medical Lead of the Transitional Pain Program at Caleo Health’s Spinal Program. He initiated the first publicly funded Opioid Taper Program for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain at the Opioid Dependency Program in Calgary. . His interests focus on: evidence-based pharmacological and psychological treatments of CNCP; the interaction of psychiatric co-morbidity on CNPC; identifying and treating personality diatheses in CNPC and addition patients; psychological understandings of CNPC and addiction patients; evaluation of impairment secondary to pain, addictions, or psychiatric disorders; and work place disability.

Morning Workshop:    Chronic Pain Management: Pain, Pot and Pills

Afternoon Workshop: Chronic Pain Management: Opioid Deprescribing in Chronic Pain

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