Dr. Andriy V. Samokhvalov, MD, PhD, Psychiatrist/Clinician-Scientist, CAMH

Topic: Da Vinci Project: Developing Integrated Care Pathways for Depression and Alcoholism

Dr. Andriy Samokhvalov is a Psychiatrist and Clinician-Scientist with the Addiction Medicine Service and the Institute for Mental Health Policy Research at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. He is also Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto.  Dr. Samokhvalov has an excellent track record of implementation activities that include the use of new treatment approaches in his clinical practice, and has taken an active part in developing CAMH’s Integrated Care Pathway for Major Depressive Disorder and Alcohol Dependence. With more than 12 years of clinical experience as a psychiatrist in Canada and internationally, Dr. Samokhvalov has been a principal investigator, co-investigator, collaborator and consultant on multiple research projects and grant proposals, and authored 63 published works with the main focus on addictions and concurrent disorders. In 2014 Dr. Samokhvalov was the recipient of the Physician of Year Award at CAMH.
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